Golden Workshops

Eyelash Extension Training in Golden, Colorado.

Brittney Torrez

Time: 9:30am - 2pm

Brittney Torrez

My goal is to create lash artists to be better and more successful than their expectations, I hope to coach you into loving lashes even more than I love them!  I am proud to be a great teacher and will work with you in learning in the ways that work best for you, let’s face it, we all learn differently and I am adaptable in many techniques in working with your learning style.

I have been a successful Esthetician for 8 years and eyelash extensions has been one of my specialties ever since!

I love the tedious work of classic and volume and Minkys has been in my life for four of those years

I am a dedicated Minkys product user and I do not substitute any other product because of the superiority of Minkys and how this company has never failed to deliver in quality!

When I train Minkys I believe in the line and have embraced using the line for success and safety in the application in your field.

Classic Workshop Monday 8/10/20
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Classic Workshop Monday 9/14/20
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Classic Workshop Monday 10/5/20
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Classic Workshop Monday 11/2/20
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Classic Workshop Monday 12/7/20
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